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Terms and conditions

I. Delivery deadlines

Delivery deadlines shall be agreed in advance in writing. In case of a late delivery, the client has the right to refuse the completed work. If the delay occurs due to force majeure, the client is expected to provide the translator, Marius Reika, with a grace period to complete the rest of the project.

II. Payments

Maximum amount of time for making a payment for services is 30 days after the receipt of invoice.
For big translation / localisation projects a partial advance payment might be required.
For payments via PayPal a surcharge shall apply due to unacceptable exchange rates. The surcharge shall be agreed upon in advance before starting to work on the translation / localisation project.
In case of cancellation of the translation / localisation order, the client shall be charged for the completed work.

III. Handling of complaints

Any possible error(s), which occurred in the translation / localisation project, shall be corrected on client’s request, but solely when the client has indicated the exact error(s).
Unfounded claims lacking the exact identification of existing errors shall not be handled.

IV. Test translations

Requests for free test translations shall be only considered if there is an actual project involved. In case the translator, Marius Reika, does not pass the testing, the client is obliged to provide full feedback on the errors committed. The maximum length of the free test translation is 300 words. Requests for longer free tests shall not be considered.

V. Confidentiality

All confidential information shall be kept secret with utmost care. Translation / localisation files shall not be passed to third parties (e.g. to external editor / proofreader) without the client’s written consent.

VI. Copyright

All rights to the completed work shall be transferred to the client only when full payment is received.