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Here you can find references from my previous and current clients. Names are not indicated due to confidentiality concerns. Should you like to receive more information, just drop me a line or click here.

United States: I was very happy to work with Marius; he did a great job, was on time and on top of this Marius really helped me with some organizational matters. Marius has a wonderful attitude being professional and friendly at the same time. Thank you, Marius!

Spain: Marius provided us with a high quality translation. We will definitively take him into account in the future. Thanks!

United Kingom: Marius provided an extremely good translation and was very consitent throughout, as well as being friendly and communicative! Highly recommended!

Slovakia: No problems at all, great cooperation and translations!

The Netherlands: I would not look any further. An excellent translator!

The Netherlands: Marius at one point said we are cool to work with - the pleasure is mutual! ;-) We just hope to get more Lithuanian translations so we can work with him more often.

Germany: Highly reliable and professional. We'll continue to work with him in the future and recommend him to others.

United Kingdom: Competent and reliable translator.

Latvia: It is a pleasure to collaborate with Marius. He is 100% reliable, responds quickly, never misses a deadline and provides a high-quality translations, especially in the technical field.

The Netherlands: Fully adequate translations, and Marius was a great sport as always.

Latvia: Marius is a very reliable person. All projects are delivered on time. There are no complains concerning the quality from the clients. Definitely we will collaborate again in the future.

The Netherlands: Mr. Marius Reika did an excellent job, thank you once again.We would recommend him and he will be always a member of the team www.scandic.org

Italy: We had a very positive experience working with Marius and we hope to have other opportunities for working together in upcoming projects.